Nestle Beverage Bar Starter Pack
Nestle Beverage Bar Starter Pack

Nestle Beverage Bar Starter Pack

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The Nestle Beverage Bar Starter Pack is a convenient way to provide beverages for your employees or other visitors. The unit can be mounted to a wall or can stand alone on a kitchen bench and provides coffee, chocolate powder and space to place your sugar or soup. It has a hygienic design which doesn't allow patrons to touch the beverages before they are dispensed.


Condition: Resource Recovered - Product is new, unused and functions as expected, however, packaging and/or product imperfections such as marks, scratches and dents are possible and vary from product to product.

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Backstory: WBGS is a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for vulnerable people through waste reduction initiatives. We rebuild, renew and resell items received through our retail, corporate and household resource recovery programs, many of which may have ended up in landfill.